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BluMortgage is a CRM for mortgage brokers that provides an easy-to-use mortgage application pipeline with built-in email, SMS and task automation to simplify the complex operations of a mortgage broker.

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A single platform to simplify the mortgage process and track client interactions

BluMortgage simplifies the complexity of tracking and completing a mortgage by providing 21 email, SMS and task automations across each step of the mortgage process

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Proven Industry Success

Doug Adlam


“BluRoot’s expertise allowed us to develop a CRM that has become much more powerful than we ever thought possible. If you are considering building your own CRM from scratch, I strongly recommend you speak with BluRoot”

Ron Butler


“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support. They continue to innovate and provide us with products/services that grow with us.”

Carola Singer

Mortgage Expert

“I have recently switched my CRM from a different provider to Bluroot. Combined with Finmo this makes my process much more fluent. The team at Bluroot helped at setting up my new database which was quite seamless. Anytime I had a question or a concern they are very quick to provide a solution. Thanks so much, BluRoot.”

Simplify the process of completing a mortgage

The process of navigating a mortgage is complex. From completing the many number of steps involved, to notifying relevant parties and abiding to regulatory requirements. BluMortgage aims to simplify this by providing an easy-to-use mortgage pipeline that reminds and automates the necessary actions at each step of the process.

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Solutions starting at $60

With this price you will receive:

  • Mortgage pipeline to track all active applications
  • 21 email, SMS and task automations across each step of the mortgage pipeline
  • Industry-proven email templates for clients, lawyers and realtors
  • Integration with email, Finmo and Floify (if applicable)
  • Website integration to capture online leads
  • 5-year post-close communication action plan
  • All BluMortgage reports

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All customer details and communications in a single location

Between email inboxes, loan origination software like Filogix, document collection software and even offline Excel spreadsheets, customer data can be difficult to find and use. BluMortgage centralizes customer data by providing a simple way to store customer data and integrating with email and software products such as Floify and Finmo.

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Build strong relationships with customers

With the mortgage landscape being more competitive than ever, brokers have to build strong relationships with clients to retain business. BluMortgage provides a 5-year post close action plan to ensure that you are regularly communicating with clients and ensuring renewal business.

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BluMortgage is an application built by a Canadian Fintech startup, BluRoot, based out of Toronto, ON. The BluRoot team are CRM experts who have worked with mortgage industry leaders to perfect the BluMortgage product. For the entire BluMortgage story and further resources, check out the BluRoot main website.


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