Gamification – Part I

What is it, and How does it work

This week, BluRoot Inc. will be running a three-part series on one of the most beneficial components to CRM implementation, being the ability to add gamification to the everyday processes of your business.

What is Gamification?

One of the prime benefits to implementing a robust CRM system like Zoho is the ability to add gamification to the many processes needed to run your business. Dozens of our customers have experienced extreme benefits to their businesses by implementing gamification within the Zoho system. But, what is gamification? Formally defined, gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users’ self contributions. More simply put, gamification builds on the idea that users are playing games to stimulate the pleasure centers in their brain, not because there is anything about the games themselves that is intrinsically valuable or rewarding. Imagine turning the whole working day into a game, blurring the line between work and play.

John Kotter found that over 70% of American workers are not engaged or actively disengaged from work. Gamification is tapping into to your team’s innate desire to win and receive rewards in order to better influence their behaviour and to combat this disengagement. Instead of just letting your team know the large goals that your business has, you incentivize all of the little intermediate steps required to carry out that end goal. Gamification techniques encourage and reward people for doing their jobs well and to the best of their abilities, allowing you to get more out of your people. To game-ify something, things like points are used to encourage accomplishments, which have to be set up in a way that is not too hard and not too easy, and tie into short and long-term goals.

The goal of gamification is to turn boring and repetitive tasks like data entry or updating a database into something more akin to Candy Crush or Angry Birds, turning the work into a game.  Games reward incremental accomplishments, which gets people invested in continuing or completing them, and allows us to give accolades to ourselves and to show others our accomplishments. Games and work can be made similar. If we add small tasks, goals and attainable progression to work, our people will work harder and do better quality work.

How does it work?

Gamification works by setting up a points system with leaderboards, tracking, which is customized in the way actions are ranked to encourage certain behaviours. This makes the team more interested in beginning and completing certain assigned tasks, and can enhance the way they nature leads and improves the buying experience for your customers. It is an opportunity to communicate with your people on every task that they do. The benefit of gamification is that the game’s setup conveys messages about corporate objectives and the best way to achieve them. People enjoy the instant feedback, and feel in control, making them repeat these behaviours over and over again. To gamify properly, you need to consider the business’ desired outcomes from an on the ground employee’s viewpoint. The gamified goal shouldn’t be “double company revenue year-over-year” as most employees will feel they have very little individual ability to change that. Instead, it should be, “have every salesperson make one more sale per month”, which is achievable on the individual level. Employee-centric goals are more rewarding and less discouraging then company centric goals.

At BluRoot Inc., we are experts at designing and implementing the Zoho CRM system, making it work for your business, and ensuring the transition to CRM as easy and painless as possible for your team. We can import your existing customer and contact data, build the CRM system to assist your business’s unique sales process, and train your people to ensure everyone is properly using the software (though it is very intuitive!). Let us become your partner on your businesses path to growth and success!