Gamification – Part III

List of Gamification Benefits

  • Encourages Mentorship and Collaboration between employees and departments. The gamified CRM attributes points to those interactions made by sales people. Point attribution and values are defined by sales managers in line with those managers’ specific program goals, and recorded automatically with CRM software transaction updates to activities, leads, contacts and opportunities. To take advantage of a team environment, staff are split into groups and can view progress against team goals. Each player sees their contribution, and no player wants to let down their team, so staff jointly are working together and achieving more goals more quickly.
  • Spurns sales and prompt actions by employees.
  • Gives management access to proper reports – Data and Statistics for sales tactics, time to convert, deal funnels and customer lifecycles.
  • Affords an easy, transparent and understandable system of evaluating progress and performance of all team members. All of the teams can compete for prizes, promotions or raises, not just “favourites.”
  • Rewards effort, not just luck or success.
  • Allows for both virtual or real-world rewards, or a combination thereof.
  • Increases both competition and morale.
  • Turns work into fun
  • Incentivizes the small jobs that work into the bigger pictures. Can reward project milestones and tasks, not just the final product. Gamification objectives within a CRM context can align to existing company objectives such as top line revenue growth or cost savings for bottom line impact.
  • Makes interactions between team members and with customers fun and rewarding.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Prevents sales people from over promising to make a sale and take a long view of the Customer.
  • Goes beyond your sales team – Gamification can expand to applications other than CRM, such as finance or human resources.
  • Improves pipeline management quality, which is all about the small actions – updating a lost deal, inserting more information about the customer, making a realistic estimate of the deal size. It isn’t about competition; it is about the satisfaction that comes from completion. This is where game mechanics that reward completion (and not competition) work well.
    • Combats disengagement and allows for better and consistent quality of service from your people.
    • Encourages use and Adoption of CRM, and your business’s core goals and ideals. By focusing on people’s behaviour with CRM, adoption will follow.
    • Prevents a view of CRM that focuses too much on the technology and less time on the art of building the business and its employees, processes and technology around the customer.
    • Decreases labour expenses, by allowing you to get more from your people. For most companies, labour is their single biggest expense; so leveraging gamified apps to increase staff productivity correlates to bottom line impact. The relationship between labour expense and company earnings is so direct that even small changes to employee productivity can result in big changes to profits.
  • Prevents overestimates on pending deals – Managers are prone to overestimate the value of the transaction, its revenue, and duration of the sale cycle. To reduce this, gamification can be added to forecasting, to reward accurate predictions. If sales reps make accurate deal estimating and sales cycle length, the quality of your data will be higher and efficient.

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