Finmo CRM Integration with BluMortgage

BluMortgage is a premier solution for Finmo CRM integration. Easily send your online application to clients and capture customer details from completed applications.

About The Integration

The BluMortgage CRM integration with Finmo allows seamless communication between the two systems. Specifically, this integration offers:

  1. Simplified sending of Finmo application to clients existing within the BluMortgage CRM
  2. Update of mortgage and client details based on the information captured in a completed application
  3. Task and email automations to keep track of mortgage progress

See the details of the integration in this explainer video!

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About Finmo

If you have a mortgage business, you can use Finmo to:

  • Offer borrowers the ability to complete their mortgage from anywhere, in a simple organized process.
  • Custom brand the borrower experience so they only see your name, your logo, your picture.
  • Collect accurate applications, then push to Filogix Expert™

New to BluMortgage?

Check out this video where founder Massimo Ianniruberto and co-founder Tom Hall walk through what inspired the launch of this mortgage software and what are the core features that are exciting mortgage professionals across North America.

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