Improve operational efficiency by 30%

BluMortgage gives you your time back, through our automated 21-step underwriting process and deal flow pipeline. BluMortgage makes it easy to track all current mortgages and auto-notifies your clients, realtors and lawyers of application progress. BluMortgage also puts your renewal communications on autopilot so that you always renew your business!

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Simplify Your Underwriting Process

At each stage of the mortgage process, BluMortgage’s industry-proven 21-step process drives task, email and SMS automations to streamline the repeated, but necessary actions to complete a mortgage.

Put Your Renewals On Auto-Pilot

BluMortgage automates 20+ email communications with your client over the 5-year period post-close. BluMortgage flags approaching renewals to ensure you’re engaging clients as early as possible.

Centralize Your Data

BluMortgage integrates with your email, website and accommodates Filogix imports- providing a central location for all data. What’s more, is that all data in BluMortgage is owned by you, and not your network.

Introducing BluMortgage

In this video, founder Massimo Ianniruberto and co-founder and product manager Tom Hall announce the launch of their product BluMortgage.
They walk through what inspired the launch of this product and what are the core features that are exciting mortgage brokers across Canada.

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Proven Industry Success

“BluRoot’s expertise allowed us to develop a CRM that has become much more powerful than we ever thought possible. If you are considering building your own CRM from scratch, I strongly recommend you speak with BluRoot”

Doug Adlam

President, Champion Mortgage

“BluRoot has always provided us excellent service coupled with fantastic support. They continue to innovate and provide us with products/services that grow with us.”

Ron Butler

President, Butler Mortgage

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