Zoho for Manufacturing

(With Best Practices from Industry Leaders)

Don’t manually build your Zoho setup from scratch. Use Bluroot’s Zoho for Manufacturing template to start with best practices based on years of working with industry leaders.

Get Started

  • Integrate your data for a single source of truth
  • Track and report on all ongoing sales activities
  • Provide tools to empower your field-based sales team
  • Use analytics to draw powerful insights
  • Manage HR, Recruiting, and more through Zoho One

Trusted by the top manufacturing teams in North America


The Problem

Zoho is amazing…but how do I customize it for manufacturing?

  1. Where do I add fields to record my sales data?
  2. What’s the best way to manage our product lines?
  3. How do I connect to data in other systems?
  4. There are many Zoho One apps- what do I prioritize?!

Step #1: Expert Discovery Call

Schedule a Discovery Call with our CEO, Massimo.

This is a no-obligation call to discuss how Zoho manufacturing best practices can be applied to YOUR business.

Step #2: Customize to your specific needs

Zoho for Manufacturing best practices is a great starting point, but each business is different.

Work with our professional services team to customize your Zoho setup to your exact needs.

Step #3: Connect your data

Integrate your website, phone calls, and emails to capture all customer activity in a single spot.

If you have an external database (e.g. ERP), we will guide you on how to best bring this into Zoho CRM.

Step #4: Take Advantage of all Zoho One apps

A huge advantage of Zoho is all the extra tools that come with Zoho One, but where to start?

For manufacturing, we recommend SalesIQ/Campaigns for marketing and People/Recruit for HR. If this seems overwhelming, we’ll walk you through it!

Get started with Zoho for your manufacturing business the right way

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