BluRoot’s Journey

Find out how BluRoot grew to become the international software company that it is today!

2013 – Where It All Began!

This was the year it all started. The SMB market was suffering. They had limited access to resources to customize their ever growing tech stack. This problem is exactly what BluRoot set out to fix.

Our leaders set out to build scalable, well thought out, and affordable solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And WOW were we onto something!

2014 – 2016 The Years of Learning!

This is where everything got very complicated. As BluRoot expanded into the Zoho ecosystem it became clear that the problem of an over complicated tech stack was more prominent in certain industries than others. Hence, it was decided that the focus would be on a handful of industries.

These were also the years that BluRoot became official Zoho partners and became the youngest partner worldwide.

2016 – 2018 The Years Of Growth!

These were the years where BluRoot began to climb the partner ranking making it one of Canada’s largest partners! This was also the time where BluRoot began to have strategic conversations with industry leaders about building vertical products. Specifically Insurance, Accounts Receivable, and Mortgage related Zoho products.

At the end of this term BluRoot was poised to be not only a top Zoho Partner, but also a SAAS company with a robust software suite.

2019 – The Years of Building!

In April of 2019 BluRoot officially launched an industry verticalized solution letting insurance brokers have an out of box CRM that works perfectly for their needs. By the end of 2020 BluRoot is poised to have 4 total applications built on the Zoho suite.

Meet Our Team



Massimo is the president and founder of BluRoot. During his time in this role, he has worked with industry leaders in insurance, mortgage and real estate. In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and playing fantasy football


Product Manager

Tom is the head of our vertical team. Tom manages all of our industry specific products making sure that our products are cutting edge. In his free time, you can find Tom playing chess and watching football.

Jason Brennan

Junior Partner

Jason is a Junior Partner at BluMortgage and he oversees all implementations to ensure that users are up-and-running smoothly. In his free time, Jason loves to read and hike. He is also a former paintball champion, and martial artist.



Qifan is a developer with BluRoot. Qifan is typically in charge of our internal Zoho coding, everything from writing, testing and implementing BluRoot’s work. In his free time, Qifan enjoys sampling food around Toronto.


Project Co-Ordinator

Marie is the project co-ordinator at BluRoot. Marie ensures that BluRoot achieves the highest level of project management and customer satisfaction. In her free time, Marie enjoys being with family and travelling.

Trevor Hilton

Head Developer

Trevor is the Head Developer at BluMortgage. Trevor leads the development efforts on new product features and integrations for BluMortgage to ensure a great, fully integrated user experience for brokers on the platform. In his free time, Trevor likes to produce music.

Tiffany Nathania

Customer Success Manager

Tiffany is the Customer Success Manager at BluMortgage. She implements BluMortgage system, onboards clients and manages support operations. In her free time, she likes to exercise and travel.

Susanna Zhao

Summer Intern

Susanna is currently a summer student at BluMortgage. She assists in CRM transformations , training, and support to ensure a streamlined operation. In her free time, you can find her rock climbing or going camping.


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