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At BluRoot, we are...

Transforming your business into the digital age

In this age of growing technology, businesses are experiencing constant change from the way basic business practices are done, to new types of competition. At BluRoot, we understand these changes and are passionate about giving businesses the tools to not only survive, but to thrive in this new environment.

At the forefront of innovation

At BluRoot, we believe that continual growth is a pillar to any successful business. To this end, BluRoot is constantly working both internally and with our clients to create new, innovative ways to drive value through our products

Investing in our people

At BluRoot, we believe that in order for BluRoot to be successful, our employees must be successful. To achieve this, we foster a culture that challenges our team to grow, but also encourages collaboration and mentorship

Uniquely specialized in our industries

At BluRoot, we know that each industry is different with it's own set of practices, pain points and challenges. Through our years of experience, BluRoot intimately knows each industry in which it practices and has custom designed their products to meet each industry's specific needs

Meet The Team


Massimo is the president and founder of BluRoot. During his time in this role, he has worked with industry leaders in insurance, mortgage and real estate. In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and playing fantasy football


Andy is the head developer at BluRoot. During his time he has written 100's of applications for a multitude of industries. In his free time you can find Andy on the Volleyball court playing pickup with his friends.


Tom is the head of our vertical team. Tom manages all of our industry specific products making sure that our products are cutting edge. In his free time, you can find Tom playing chess and watching football.


Joseph is one of the most senior developers at BluRoot. With over ten years of industry and academic experience, Joseph provides a wealth of programming knowledge, and is a proficient team leader.


Qifan is a developer with BluRoot. Qifan is typically in charge of our internal Zoho coding, everything from writing, testing and implementing BluRoot's work. In his free time, Qifan enjoys sampling food around Toronto.


Christian is a developer at BluRoot. As a developer at BluRoot, Christian has become a specialist in process documentation and data management. When not working, you can find Christian playing volleyball or hanging out with friends.


Melody is a developer at BluRoot. As a developer, Melody's expertise are in problem-solving and providing a fresh perspective to difficult situations. Melody enjoys spending time with friends and family.


Marie is the project co-ordinator at BluRoot. Marie ensures that BluRoot achieves the highest level of project management and customer satisfaction. In her free time, Marie enjoys being with family and travelling.