Your Zoho Partner That Puts Relationships First.

We help companies work better through consulting services on the Zoho Suite of products. In more general terms companies often come to us with sales or operational problems, and we use Zoho products to design, build, train and support solution to solve these problems.

Massimo Ianniruberto


Massimo is the president and founder of BluRoot. During his time in this role, he has worked with industry leaders in insurance, mortgage and real estate. In his free time, he enjoys watching basketball and playing Gran Turismo.

Tom Hall


Tom is the head of our vertical team. Tom manages all of our industry specific products making sure that our products are cutting edge. In his free time, you can find Tom playing chess and watching football.

Jason Brennan

Junior Partner

Jason is a Junior Partner at BluMortgage and he oversees all implementations to ensure that users are up-and-running smoothly. In his free time, Jason loves to read and hike. He is also a former paintball champion, and martial artist.

Trevor Hilton

Head Developer

Trevor is the Head Developer at BluMortgage. Trevor leads the development efforts on new product features and integrations for BluMortgage to ensure a great, fully integrated user experience for brokers on the platform. In his free time, Trevor likes to produce music.

Tiffany Nathania

Customer Success Manager

Tiffany is the Customer Success Manager at BluMortgage. She implements BluMortgage system, onboards clients and manages support operations. In her free time, she likes to exercise and travel.

Steph Brennan


Steph is an Associate at Bluroot. This means that she works in all areas of the business, whether it’s implementing a new CRM solution or training and supporting existing clients- Steph does it all. In her free time, you can find her making artwork.

Harpreet Goraya

Junior Developer

Harpreet is a Junior Developer at Bluroot. Harpreet specializes in creating custom solutions as well as improving on our industry platforms such as BluMortgage. Harpreet enjoys watching basketball, listening to Hip Hop music and playing with his dog.

Eli Tabello

Full Stack Developer

Eli is a Full Stack Developer at Bluroot. This means he’s a jack of all trades and can lend his expertise to whatever initiatives are the highest priority at Bluroot. Eli dedicates himself to making sure a job is done “right”. When Eli isn’t coding, he enjoys home projects and making his own tea.

Our Values


At BluRoot, transparency is a pillar of our service offering. We understand every industry is different, and fostering transparency to help you determine if we are the right fit saves everyone time and money. Our structured onboarding process starts with a phone call to go over some of the basics and help us get started on the right path.

Customer’s First

We understand that our relationships are our business so we specialize in working with you to develop solutions that are custom-tailored to solve your specific needs. Our experience across a diverse range of industries allows us to speak your language and develop time-saving solutions that help you overcome real challenges. Knowing your business allows us to accelerate your growth faster and more effectively.

Where It All Began

This was the year it all started. The SMB market was suffering. They had limited access to resources to customize their ever growing tech stack. This problem is exactly what BluRoot set out to fix.

The Years of Learning

During these years, Bluroot had the opportunity to try many different tech stacks and many different service areas. Each of these ventures were in an attempt to find the best way to serve our customers. Coming out of this we realized that Zoho, by far, was the best fit for the way we do business and for our customers.

The Years of Growth

These were the years where BluRoot began to climb the partner ranking making it one of Canada’s largest partners! This was also the time where BluRoot began growing their team to include specialists in project management and technology to better serve our customers.

The Years of Maturity

As a top Zoho partner and with the tools and team members to effectively support our customers, we’ve been able to become masters of our craft. Each step of our process is finely tuned based on nearly a decade of experience to ensure our customers are continually satisfied throughout their time working with us.

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