Update Fields from Another Field in Zoho CRM

(Without Hiring a Developer Ever Again)

With the Workflow Enhancement Suite (WES), auto-fill fields with data in your CRM (even related modules), roll-up data, combine fields, and much more! All from a simple drag-and-drop editor- no custom code needed!


  • Populate fields based on Data in a Lookup
  • Update a Field with the Value of Another Field
  • Auto-fill Lookup fields from Related Module
  • Roll Up Field from Related List to Parent Record
  • Auto-fill each Contact with the Account’s Address
  • Combine Two Fields into a Single Field

The Problem

Seriously?! Custom code is the only way to move data in my Zoho CRM?

  1. Moving data means writing custom code
  2. There is no simple way to aggregate data
  3. Field updates don’t trigger workflows
  4. The business case is “lost in translation” to developers
  5. A process change means re-learning old code

Simplify your Zoho CRM in 4 easy steps

Click the link below to download WES to your Zoho CRM. Get support through step-by-step guides, sample workflows, and unlimited access to our customer success desk.

Don’t get bogged down by custom dev.
Let WES do this for you, so you can focus on GROWTH.

Start Your Free Trial

Step #1: Install the WES extension

Click the download button and follow the on-screen prompts.

Enjoy 10-days free to make sure it works for you (we’re positive it will!).

Step #2: Build your custom data flow- right in the workflow editor!

Choose “Advanced Field Update” in the workflow editor. Pick your desired “WES Flow” and follow the on-screen mapping.

If you’re unsure what to pick, check out our how-to guide!

Step #3: Process change? Easily update your WES Flow

When your data flow needs to change, click on your already-built WES Flow. The drag-and-drop editor will pop-up. Make all the changes that are required.

Stop chasing down developers!

Step #4: Track all WES actions

Unlike a normal workflow, all actions are recorded in a single module for your review.

If a WES flow needs to repeat, re-run it from the “WES Logs” module.

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