Oracle RMS – 1000’s of New Clients with Half the Effort


Increase in lead conversion


Decrease in lead loss


Number of users within the company


Increase in client retention

About the client

Oracle RMS is one of the top Insurance Brokers in Canada. The team at Oracle goes the extra mile to help you with anything insurance related. Not only will you be able to find someone who knows what they are doing, but they also give you world class service and support throughout and after the insurance purchase.

Founder John Ferraro truly believes that a one solution that fits all Insurance product is not a real thing, and that when you visit Oracle, you will get something tailored to your specific needs.

The Challenge

Oracle RMS came to Bluroot with a plan, and that plan was to capture online leads for personal lines insurance. The lead capture was working but all of the leads were landing in an inbox, and many were being missed, they were calling Oracle asking if anyone was there, and many were being lost to competitors.

This unfortunately was not Oracle’s only problem, they also had no way to visualize their data, like seeing when new renewals were coming up. Nor did they have a way to automate reminder emails to leads/clients letting them know that Oracle as there and always took referrals.

To summarize Oracle had a few key challenges:

No Accurate Lead Capture – Leads were landing in an inbox and being lost.

No Reporting Mechanism – There was no way to see the top sales people, or renewals coming due.

No Automated Reminders – There was no tool to automate emails to the clients nor internally to agents to call a certain prospect.

"Using BluInsurance LMS helped accelerate our customer interactions allowing our sales reps to close more policies in less time."

John Ferraro

CEO, Oracle RMS

The Solution

Automatically Created New Leads

The first step in solution was to organize an incoming lead distribution. Bluroot built an inbound lead parsing tool that would capture leads from any website that Oracle was purchasing leads from, and bring them instantly into the CRM. Not only did this solution simply enter leads into the CRM, but it also automatically rotated the leads to agents in a round robin fashion, making sure that even at high lead volumes no individual agent was overwhelmed.

Build out of Live Dashboards/Leader boards

The second step was to then motivate the staff, and to make sure that management knew exactly how the business was doing. To do this Bluroot built out a live leader board for all of the staff that was displayed in the main room where all agents stayed. This leader board created some competition and created some accountability from all of the reps. In parallel, management reports were created that would sum up all of the revenues that each agent was bringing into the business, and how many new leads the agents were calling per day.

Post Close Automations

Depending on the type of policy that the end client chose, Bluroot built out customized SMS and Email campaigns that would reach out to this client automatically throughout the term of their insurance policy.


The Result

After about 2 months post go-live Oracle RMS began seeing real tangible results, specifically:

Lead Conversion – Lead to policy closure percentage rose 42% which meant 100’s of new clients.

Quicker Contact – Lead loss drastically decreased as sales people were now automatically contacting leads

Sales Growth – Due to reporting and the competition that was created, sales quickly increased

Compliance – Since everything was now tracked in a CRM instead of an inbox, compliance standard were met.

Since the beginning of Oracle’s journey on zoho, they have now gone from ~20 users to over 150, and are investing in Zoho more and more every year.

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