How a Construction Software Company Revolutionized Their Sales Process With Zoho And BluRoot


Increase in operational efficiency


More touch points with clients


ROI in less than 3 months


Customer Retention

About the client

Plexxis is a construction software company that focuses on providing a platform that unites operations, estimating, accounting and field apps on a single technology stack.

For over 20 years Plexxis has been serving clients all across the world making sure that all of their operations run smoothly. With well over 500 clients Plexxis is now one of the main names in Construction Software.

The Challenge

Roughly 6 months after implementing Zoho CRM, Plexxis had experienced significant benefits but felt the system’s full potential remained untapped. Plexxis was still losing leads as the company grew and felt the system held the opportunity for greater lead generation.

In order to fix the lead loss Plexxis had to overcome the below challenges:

Forecasting – The team needed a way to see their pipelines and collaborate on what would be closing in the current quarter/year.

Collaboration – Management had no way of checking in on progress of a sale, nor could find bottlenecks in the pipeline

Follow Up Cadence – Plexxis did not have a standardized way to prioritize nor follow up with leads with a consistent cadence.

“BluRoot Inc. provided excellent customer service with theright mix of cost and value in customizing our Zoho CRMsystem. With features like data visualization, integration, datablending, collaboration, user filters, drag and drop, and muchmore at an affordable price.”

Chris Loranger

CEO, Plexxis

The Solution

In order to address all of Plexxis challenges BluRoot needed to go through a thorough discovery and solution’s process.

BluRoot Full Discovery

The first step of the process was to understand exactly where issues were happening within the CRM, as well as usage. In order to gauge this, data extracts were done and meetings with every manager of every team were had to understand exactly where to focus time and effort.

From the discovery and the initial challenges Bluroot rolled out the following solutions:

Task Prioritization

Bluroot developed code to manage priorities of tasks taking multiple factors on the account into play. What this did was allowed sales people to follow up with the right leads at the right time with the right priority.

Analytics and Reports

After meeting with all of the relevant team members, specific reports for each role within the company were created which immediately allowed the teams to set goals and work together. All of these reports also rolled up into executive dashboards so that the direction of the company could be tracked easily.

Phased Roll out And Training

Since Plexxis had already tried a roll out internally, Bluroot decided to do a phased roll out where certain divisions would be trained about their role in the CRM on a certain date. This roll out was done over a 3 week period and led to ownership of the process by all that were trained.


The Result

There have been many benefits post the roll out of this project, to name a few:

Went from 18 users on the CRM to 43

Increased Sales Visibility which allowed Plexxis to secure major external investment

Increased Custom Retention Due to Task Follow Up Cadences

Overall Plexxis is 4 years into their journey with Zoho and continues to adopt the software more and more every year.

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