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Managing contractor availability and staying on top of invoices can be exhausting. As your Zoho partner, we take the complication out of fulfilling services

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Industry Pain Points

Pain Point 1

Bandwidth Of Contractors

With the Zoho CRM contractor module, you will easily be able to see how many appointments a contractor has in the current week

Pain Point 2

Invoice Tracking and Follow-Up

With Zoho’s finance suite automatically send invoices and track receivables by customers


Pain Point 3

Mobile App Capability

With Zoho CRM your onsite technicians can instantly update head offices database of everything they are working on

Pain Point 4

Marketing And Follow Up

With Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns your team can communicate with the client even after their service is complete

How Does Bluroot Help

Ensure Proper Service Call Logging

Bluroot will help your team determine the best flow for your service calls. Once understood your exact process flow will be built into the platform reducing the amount of service call mix ups

Automate Your Booking Process

BluRoot will help your team automate the booking notifications when a client has chosen a time to have service done. Your technicians will also get automated pings letting them know their next appointment.

Manage Invoicing

Once a service call is complete, your team will need to invoice the client. With BluRoot’s help your team can automatically send, track, and mark as paid all invoices to your clients.

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Cloud software can be a big investment for your Contracting Services team, but when done right, it often has immediate and significant ROI. Let Bluroot and our experience in this space allow your team to get the most out of your cloud software investment!

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