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BluRoot is one of Canada’s top Zoho consulting partners with experience helping companies in greater Toronto, across a number of industries, get the most out of their Zoho software.

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Simplify Your Sales and Operations

BluRoot will help evaluate your sales and operations to identify efficiency improvements and establish standardized processes through the Zoho suite of products. Through the use of workflows, blueprints and automated reminders your team can see exponential growth.

Ensure User Adoption

Achieving user adoption and buy-in is very important, but often challenging aspect of any new tech install. BluRoot recognizes this and provides premium training and onboarding solutions to ensure your team’s success.

Integrate your Data

One of the most challenging problems that businesses face today is data in too many systems leading to double entry and poor data integrity. BluRoot has enterprise level experience integrating cloud-based and on-premise systems.

Your Zoho Consulting Partner

In this video, President Matt Ley of the Streaming Network talks about his experience with BluRoot as their Zoho partner. The project that The Streaming Network embarked on was one of data integration, billing automation, and sales standardization. All of these problems were solved in the Zoho suite.

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Experience with the Entire Suite of Zoho Products

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Proven Industry Success

“Massimo and his team are very professional and will go above and beyond to solve your issues. They are very competent and service oriented. I would recommend them to any business needing a Digital boost!”

Rosalind Fleming

Director, Channel Assist

“BluRoot offers us a whole new way to look at our sales pipeline. By providing us an easy-touse dashboard that instantly displays our lead management, we can see which leads are progressing and which need further nurturing. The added bonus was how BluRoot found a way to integrate all previous applications that made life a whole lot simpler.”

Chris Loranger

CEO, Plexxis Software

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