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The Problem

Leads are being missed and it’s too much to track manually.

  1. Leads from my website or aggregator get lost in my inbox
  2. Manually assigning leads to producers is too time-consuming
  3. By the time I reach out, leads are already with a competitor
  4. I want to optimize my process, but don’t even know where to start

The Solution

Industry-Proven Lead Management in 5 Steps.

After working with 100s of insurance teams, we’ve made the process simple. Our team is with you every step of the way.

Don’t get overwhelmed by more leads. The right Lead Management System means the ability to invest in long-term growth for your insurance business.

Step 1: Integrate Lead Sources

Where do you get your leads today? Your website, lead aggregators, referrals, social media, or how about all of the above?

For all this and more- we have you covered. Leads will automatically appear in Bluroot’s CRM.


Step 2: Auto-Rotate Leads

Assigning new leads is time-consuming. Especially when considering business lines, language, capacity and even time-off.

Bluroot’s CRM fully automates this. Analyzing each lead and assigning the most appropriate producer.

Step 3: Automate Your Process

With new leads, there are simple, repetitive tasks that are often missed:

  1. Send a text as soon as a lead writes in?
  2. Send a follow-up email after 2 days of no response?
  3. Auto-respond based on the content of an email?


Easily automate all these actions with Bluroot.


Step 4: Integrate Your BMS

Bluroot’s insurance CRM integrates with Powerbroker (one-way), SIG (one-way) and Applied EPIC (two-way).

Client and policy data is easily shared without double entry.

Step 5: Expand Your Lead Funnel

Now that you’ve standardized lead management, it’s time to get more leads!
Bluroot’s CRM comes with additional tools to help this:

  1. Chatbot to assist website visitors
  2. Online Forms to simplify and streamline referrals
  3. Social Media integration to post to multiple platforms at once

 Here’s What Top Insurance Brokerages in Canada are Saying About Bluroot


“BluRoot has been an invaluable resource in helping our company build out our customer relation strategies. They have not only helped us build inbound lead processes but have also helped us retain and track existing clientele thus increasing our recurring revenue.”

John Ferraro, CEO of Oracle RMS


“Zoho and the team at Bluroot, have allowed us to digitize many areas of our business- from lead management to recruiting. Using Zoho and Bluroot gives us confidence that our technology can scale with the needs of our business.”

Adam Duliban, Principal Broker, Duliban Insurance


“Working with Bluroot has allowed us to automate a huge part of our lead management process. By doing so, we’ve been able to focus on higher value activities like process improvement, training, and better client experience.”

Fiona Yeung, Director of Business Development, BrokerTeam Group

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