Never lose track of a sales opportunity again

When selling and negotiating sales orders for manufactured goods, each order can make a significant difference to your bottom line. As your Zoho partner, we ensure full visibility on each deal so nothing falls through the cracks

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Industry Pain Points

Pain Point 1

Visibility to Ongoing Sales

With the Zoho CRM deals module, track each deal by value, sales rep and product

Pain Point 2

Tools for Field-Based Sales Team

The Zoho CRM mobile app allows for simplified recording of each field-based customer interaction


Pain Point 3

Single source of truth for all customer activity

Integrate website, phone calls, and email to capture all customer activity

Pain Point 4

Sales process analysis and opportunity identification

With Zoho Analytics, analyze your data by any CRM parameter to identify improvement opportunities

How Does Bluroot Help

Create a Sales Pipeline to Easily Track each Opportunity

Zoho CRM offers a simple pipeline that makes it easy for your sales team to record each opportunity whether it be from their computer or mobile device. A centralized overview of all opportunities allows for accurate forecasting for production and ensures that no opportunity is missed.

Integrate across all Channels to unify Customer Interactions

With increasingly diverse types of customers for your manufactured goods, it is essential to communicate on whatever channel they are most comfortable with. Zoho CRM integrates with email, text messages, direct calling even direct mail to provide a single source of truth for activities across all your customers.

Report on Sales Activity

With strong data integrity within your sales pipeline, this opens up possibilities for powerful reporting through Zoho Analytics. Understand your pipeline in terms of conversion rates, average sales cycle, and month-over-month changes. Break this down by sales rep and opportunity type to identify growth opportunities.

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Cloud software can be a big investment for your Manufacturing Sales team, but when done right, it often has immediate and significant ROI. Let Bluroot and our experience in this space allow your team to get the most out of your cloud software investment!

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