Track sales opportunities to manage resources

For a professional services firm with large corporate clients, sales cycles are never standardized. As your Zoho partner, we provide a centralized tool to track timing, likelihood and size of each opportunity for accurate financial forecasting and resource allocation

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Industry Pain Points

Pain Point 1

Accurate forecasting for resource allocation

With Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects your team track deals and understand staff capacity and allocation

Pain Point 2

Analysis of financial performance

With Zoho Analytics, combine forecast data with historical actuals to have a complete financial view


Pain Point 3

Single source of truth to prevent duplicated efforts

With Zoho CRM, all sales activity is in a single spot creating transparency among team members

Pain Point 4

Unified platform to manage all business activities

As your business grows, Zoho grows with you. With 47+ applications, perform just about any business activity within the Zoho suite

How Does Bluroot Help

Create a Sales Pipeline to Track each Opportunity Easily

In professional services we realize that opportunities can be very large in scale, and also take many months to close. With our solutions clients are able to track each opportunity in a visual way, along with this there are typically fail safe automations setup to make sure the client is never stuck waiting and that your sales people are always up to date.

Unify all business activities through Zoho One

A typical professional service project has many steps, from selling the contract, full filling it, managing the timelines, and ongoing billing. All of this can be done within Zoho suites of products and with our team we help guide you through that transformative journey.

Produce highly accurate forecasts and financial dashboards

At the end of the day the bottom line is very important, and with that everything you do in Zoho can be tracked and visualized using Zoho’s suite of products. With our team, we can help you see cost of acquisition, cost of project, and ultimately profit.

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Cloud software can be a big investment for your Professional Services team, but when done right, it often has immediate and significant ROI. Let Bluroot and our experience in this space allow your team to get the most out of your cloud software investment!

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