Manage your B2B Software Sales More Efficiently

For B2B Software, sales cycles can be complex with extremely unique requirements. As your Zoho consulting partner, we simplify this by standardizing processes and automating follow-ups

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Industry Pain Points

Pain Point 1

Pipeline Transparency

With Zoho CRM Deal module, understand in real-time the status of each live deal

Pain Point 2

High Levels of Customer Support

With Zoho Desk, manage all customer requests and implement escalation rules and process


Pain Point 3

Customer Onboarding Operation

With Zoho CRM, build an onboarding journey to standardize the experience for each new customer

Pain Point 4

Revenue Growth And Churn

With Zoho Analytics your team can enjoy live and in depth reporting on all things product revenue

How Does Bluroot Help

Ensure Proper Follow Up of All Leads

With our team of Zoho certified consultants, Bluroot will help your team determine the best follow up cadence for all leads, and further build processes to ensure that all leads are followed up with in a consistent manner

Produce Operational Efficiencies

BluRoot helps your company realize where the gaps are in your onboarding and install process are and implements practices to fill those gaps to get more customer onto your platform. With the right Zoho help, the opportunities are endless.

Analyze Your Product Revenue Growth

With hundreds of software sales installs, Bluroot know which reports your team needs to see to stay motivated, and to realize where churn, growth, and opportunities are. As a Zoho expert we know how to cater and curate the right solution for your business.

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Cloud software can be a big investment for your B2B Software team, but when done right, it often has immediate and significant ROI. Let Bluroot and our experience as a Zoho authorized partner allow your team to get the most out of your cloud software investment!

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