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Getting Started with Zoho Meeting


To start a meeting, you must have a Zoho Meetings account

To start a meeting, you must have a Zoho Meetings account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one here.

Once you have an account set up, this is what Zoho Meeting’s dashboard will look like:

Zoho Meeting Dashboard


Start your meeting

You can start your meeting in two different ways, audio or video. You’ll see these when you go over “Meet Now” on Zoho Meeting’s dashboard:

zoho meeting options




Inviting people for your meeting

When you start a meeting, the app opens a new tab automatically before the meeting starts, and on this screen, you can get the links and data to invite people to your meeting.

invite screen

Once you close the invitees pop-up, the app shows your video stream and other meeting controls.


Participants' Settings

You can see participants in a list at the bottom of your screen. Click on the icon to open a list with your participants.

participants list

From here, you can mute or disconnect participants or make them presenters who can share their audio and video feeds through yours if you need multiple screens for a presentation.

participant settings options

Presenters have access to all these features and more. They can also record during meetings so everyone has a record of what was said in each session; this means even if someone wasn’t able to attend a meeting, they’d still be able to follow along with all that happened there later on by watching back through recordings made by presenters during past sessions.


Presenters' Settings

There are many extra features available inside your meeting. You can access all these features by hovering over the “…” in the main presenter screen.

presenter settings options

With these extra features you can:

  • Record your meeting for future reference or share the recording with others.
  • Share files in real-time without leaving your browser window. You can drag and drop your file directly into the chat window and it will be shared with everyone else in the room without uploading it first!


Ending your meeting

Once you’ve ended your meeting, you’ll be able to see the basic meeting stats.

closing window


That's it!

Now that you’re familiar with Zoho Meeting, you can begin using the service for your own business. Need more help? We have a video tutorial below on how to get started with Zoho Meetings!

There are a lot of features available to enhance your experience, like scheduling meetings and adding extra screens for presentations. We hope this guide has helped you get started on using Zoho Meeting in your business!

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