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We understand that learning the 50+ applications that Zoho offers is a massive undertaking. As Zoho Authorized Partners, we offer both free and premium Zoho training packages to get you up-to-speed to help with the initial implementation, ongoing maintenance, or expanding within the Zoho suite. Proper and tailored Zoho training goes a long way, so feel free to reach out to us today!

Training Expertise

As a Zoho Consulting Partner, we have expertise in all the most popular Zoho applications, this way we can ensure you get the appropriate Zoho Training that you need.

Zoho CRM is one of the most essential Zoho applications, and often the place that we recommend to start.

In a typical Zoho CRM training, we cover the basics of setup from email integration to security and data permissions. From there, we talk about best practices for use and then finally advanced features such as automation, processes and customization.

Zoho Projects is a growingly popular Zoho application used to organize teams, track progress and manage resources and cost.

In a typical Zoho Projects training, we start with the setup basics from team role setup to preferred tracking statuses and dashboards. From there, we cover best practices on interacting with Tasks, Task Lists, Milestones and Projects and then finally advanced features such as CRM Deal synchronization and Project/Task templates.

Zoho Expense is a mobile first expense management application that can streamline your expense and reimbursement process for your team.

In a typical Zoho Expense training, we start with the setup of roles, policies and approval processes. Once your team architecture is setup and approval processes are in place we focus on how to use the application from an expense approved scenario, and also from an expense submitter scenario. Within these scenarios we cover mobile training, receipt scanning, and even bulk uploading of expenses. Finally, we show how to submit an expense report, and how an admin can re-reimburse that report.

Zoho Recruit is an all in one  “ATS” or Applicant Tracking system that allows you to mass post jobs, collect applicants, review applicants and even give online portals to the clients you may be hiring for.

In a typical Zoho recruit training, we cover the basics of how to setup your account, how to setup integrations with job boards (including embedding job boards on your site), and how to turn on resume parsers. After this the training focuses on applicant tracking, as well as interview tracking, and how to prioritize applicants for hire. Lastly, if the situation warrants it, we explain how the customer portals work.

Zoho People is a very robust HR management software that allows you to manage vacation tracking, grievance reporting, payroll management and employee evaluations.

In a typical Zoho People training, we cover how to setup roles and permissions within the platform as there is typically a lot of sensitive information in Zoho People. After the permissions are setup the training focuses on adding users into the correct departments, setting up vacation tracking and further setting up corporate document sharing.

Zoho Desk is a ticket management system that allows you to handle support/tickets from your customers in a streamlined manner.

In a typical Zoho desk training, we start with how to setup roles and departments within the platform. Following this we teach you how to have tickets automatically flow into desk and also how to respond to the tickets from desk. From there we cover automated alerts and show the client how to turn certain alerts off. Finally, we show best practices on how to answer a ticket and the keyboard shortcuts/views involved.

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