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As a Zoho Premium Partner, these are our most popular free trainings

Zoho CRM is one of the most essential Zoho applications, and often the place that we recommend to start.

Zoho Projects is a growingly popular Zoho application used to organize teams, track progress and manage resources and cost.

Zoho Expense is a mobile-first expense management application that can streamline your expense and reimbursement process for your team.

Zoho Recruit is an all in one  “ATS” or Applicant Tracking system that allows you to mass post jobs, collect applicants, review applicants and even give online portals to the clients you may be hiring for.

Zoho People is a very robust HR management software that allows you to manage vacation tracking, grievance reporting, payroll management and employee evaluations.

Zoho Desk is a ticket management system that allows you to handle support/tickets from your customers in a streamlined manner.

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