Best CRM Software for Insurance Agents

BluInsurance is one of the best CRM softwares for insurance agents that manages your client database and simplifies the complex operations of your business.

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Prepare submissions in record time

BluInsurance allows insurance agents to select appropriate markets and will instantly create concise, personal submissions. Once sent, BluInsurance tracks the progress to keep both the broker and the carrier accountable.

Simplify the inbound lead process

BluInsurance captures all online leads from both your website and 3rd-party sites and notifies an appropriate agent to follow up. Once contact is made, agents can send custom online forms to collect the necessary information to write a policy.

Realize the full value of each client

With BluInsurance’s built-in email and SMS marketing campaigns, it is easy to stay in touch and build relationships with your clients to ensure that you capture the renewal.

Introducing BluInsurance

In this video, founder Massimo Ianniruberto and co-founder and product manager Tom Hall announce the launch of their CRM software for insurance agents, BluInsurance.
They walk through what inspired the launch of this insurance software and what are the core features that are saving time for insurance professionals.

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Proven Industry Success

“BluRoot has been an invaluable resource in helping our company build out our customer relation strategies. They have not only helped us build inbound lead processes but have also helped us retain and track existing clientele thus increasing our recurring revenue.”

John Ferraro

CEO, Oracle RMS

“The Bluroot team have been key partners in the implementation, maintenance and ongoing enhancement of Echelon’s Zoho platforms. They have always taken an interest to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our Zoho CRM, and are flexible to change as our strategy continues to evolve.”

Jennifer Kew

Director, Echelon Insurance

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BluRoot’s origins are as a leading custom CRM software solutions company working primarily with the Zoho suite of products. BluRoot now focuses on their two products for the insurance and mortgage industry. To find out more about BluRoot’s journey, please refer to our About Us page.


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