Achieve new business growth of over 20%

BluInsurance is built to save the modern broker time by streamlining complex processes. BluInsurance identifies growth opportunities that brokers can pursue with their new-found time.

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Prepare & track quotes in record time

BluInsurance provides easy-to-use online forms that brokers can use to collect customer data. With this data, BluInsurance prepares, sends and tracks quotes to markets with the click of a button.

Contact new leads within minutes

BluInsurance captures all online leads from both your website and 3rd-party sites. It then identifies and SMS messages the most appropriate producer to follow-up with the prospect immediately.

Realize the full value of each client

BluInsurance analyzes the industry and insurance type of each sold policy to highlight cross-sell opportunities. BluInsurance also provides email automations to regularly communicate with clients.

BluInsurance, gives you the tools to take your brokerage into the digital age. A solution built on Zoho, BluInsurance provides you with the tools to manage leads, keep track of existing policies, and streamline your business processes.

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Proven Industry Success

“BluRoot has been an invaluable resource in helping our company build out our customer relation strategies. They have not only helped us build inbound lead processes but have also helped us retain and track existing clientele thus increasing our recurring revenue.”

John Ferraro

CEO, Oracle RMS

“The Bluroot team have been key partners in the implementation, maintenance and ongoing enhancement of Echelon’s Zoho platforms. They have always taken an interest to ensure that we’re getting the most out of our Zoho CRM, and are flexible to change as our strategy continues to evolve.”

Jennifer Kew

Director, Echelon Insurance

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