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Insurance leads are increasingly competitive, with an ever-growing number of options at their fingertips. As your Zoho partner, we make sure that lead follow-up and conversion is automated and simple

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Industry Pain Points

Pain Point 1

Lead Integration and Distribution

With Zoho CRM, integrate lead sources and distribute to agents based on language, business line, even availability

Pain Point 2

Lead Automation

With Zoho CRM, automate each interaction and follow-up with the lead to gain efficiency


Pain Point 3

Pipeline Transparency

With CRM analytics, understand your entire pipeline to identify bottlenecks and top producers

Pain Point 4

Renewal Follow-Up

With Zoho reporting, understand all upcoming renewals and automate the follow-up

How Does Bluroot Help

Automate Inbound Lead Collection And Follow Up

Whether your leads come from the web, lead aggregators, or word of mouth, with Bluroot’s Zoho help your Zoho CRM software will automatically notify clients you have heard from them, notify your team of a new lead, and even remind team members if they have forgotten to follow up with a client.

Report on Lead Metrics

Managing and automating leads is sometimes only half the battle. In this competitive landscape, it’s essential to understand your top lead sources, business lines, and even producers in terms of business closed and conversion. Zoho CRM provides these insights to understand where to reinvest marketing spend and team effort.

Stay on Top of Policy Renewals

The insurance market is becoming increasingly competitive, and with this it is becoming important to stay on top of your policy renewals. With Bluroot and Zoho CRM, every producer will automatically get reports notifying them of upcoming renewal business. Not only this but your clients will automatically get notified leading up to their renewal. Being Zoho Authorized Partners comes with a suite of benefits for your CRM, start experiencing them today!

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Cloud software can be a big investment for your Insurance Brokerage team, but when done right, it often has immediate and significant ROI. Let Bluroot and our experience in this space allow your team to get the most out of your cloud software investment!

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