The Top 5 CRMs for Mortgage Brokers

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an indispensable type of technology for mortgage brokers. It allows companies to effectively manage relationships with their prospects and existing customers, thereby acting as the lifeline through which brokers conduct their business. The best solutions foster strong customer relations, enabling continuous sales growth and superior customer retention. 

The CRM market spans far and wide, but only a handful of vendors meet the unique needs of mortgage brokers. Here are five of the top solutions to consider for your business.  

5. Doorr

Doorr provides a user-friendly dashboard with data visualizations to help users calculate client values and provide in-depth comparisons needed to support decision-making. It aids in the management of existing clients as well as leads, offering convenient anytime, anywhere access. For brokers who may need some extra support with their marketing campaigns, Doorr offers email templates and email blasts, which can be auto-scheduled. Fields can also be hidden on application forms to ensure that applicants are only filling out the necessary information. 

4. Whiteboard

Designed for loan officers, Whiteboard Mortgage CRM is a cloud-based solution which connects users with their customers and streamlines campaign planning. It supports lead management with features such as automated lead follow-up, email and text notifications for new leads, and call scripts to help brokers navigate conversations with prospects. It also has form creator options and automated loan status updates for simplified application management. The system goes for $79/month per user when billed annually, plus a $299 fee for setup and onboarding. 

3. GoMax

Canada-based GoMax Solutions takes the complexity out of workflows with automated marketing features. It can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, and provides features such as automated tasks and reminders. Users can develop tailored action plans and events through the system to promote ongoing communication with leads and customers, while GoMax also keeps track of interactions for simplified contact management. The platform is available in both “lite” and pro versions, for $18/month and $65/month, respectively. Both pricing options can be tested during a 14-day free trial. 

2. Jungo

Jungo provides a centralized system for managing mortgage documents from lead generation through loan finalization. It’s powered by Salesforce® and offers automated alerts for listings, rates, and loan milestones, which are supported through features like SMS texting and email integrations. With mobile capabilities, Jungo can be accessed from anywhere, making it a convenient solution for brokers on the go.

1. BluMortgage 

CRM solution BluMortgage has been developed with Canadian mortgage brokers in mind and has a strong track record of proven industry success. Mortgage experts can take advantage of the system’s easy-to-use features, which streamline tracking through the pipeline and automate renewal communications to ensure clients are engaged consistently. You’ll also have simple yet effective templates for clients, realtors, and lawyers at your disposal.

BluMortgage also simplifies underwriting through an industry-leading 21-action process, taking the hassle out of time-consuming yet critical tasks needed to complete a mortgage. Plus, the system excels in data centralization, integrating with email, website, and LOS platforms such as Finmo and Floify to ensure all of your critical data is conveniently located in one secure location. With BluMortgage, you’re the owner of your data – not your network. Solutions start at just $50, and free trials are available so you can test-drive the system firsthand.

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