What’s the Best Software to Streamline the Mortgage Business?

The mortgage business is inherently complex. Brokers go through many iterations of what might feel like redundant communications with prospects and clients, and while all of these interactions are necessary for driving the mortgage process, they can become tedious and time-consuming. These tasks can divert time and effort needed to generate new leads and follow up with prospects – other key endeavors which can become challenging for brokers without the right solutions. 

Fortunately, you do have the right solutions at your disposal – it’s just a matter of implementing them. Here are the best types of software you can use to streamline your mortgage business and take the hassle out of marketing and repetitive tasks. 

1. BombBomb

Emails that go unopened diminish opportunities to connect with new leads. BombBomb allows brokers to leverage video emails, helping users stand out in the inboxes of their leads and customers to create more personalized, engaging interactions. With the option to create videos come additional features such as automated reminders, tracking solutions, and scheduling options. The solution is supported by Apple and Android products and integrates with Zoho, Gmail, Survey Monkey, among other systems.

2. Calendly

One of the most popular types of appointment scheduling software available, Calendly simplifies meetings for busy brokers. Traditionally, getting an appointment on the calendar might require several rounds of emails. With Calendly, brokers can set parameters for availability and allow interested prospects pick the time that works best for them. The Calendly link can be easily embedded on your mortgage company’s website, giving visitors the option to immediately get something on the calendar immediately – when they’re most interested in working with you. This can help drive conversions which might otherwise lose steam through the back-and-forth email hassle that typically comes with scheduling.

3. LOS Platforms

Mortgage loan origination systems (LOS) can support multiple parties, including processors, loan officers, underwriters, and closers. These diverse platforms have a range of capabilities, including features for fulfillment, products and pricing, and Point of Sale (POS). With an added interface layer, they can also integrate with third-party solutions, such as CRM software. 

There are several systems to choose from, but many brokers are drawn to the robust features and ease of use provided by solutions such as Floify, Finmo, and BrokrBindr. Each option comes with a number of tools to enhance the loan process, such as simplified document review and storage. 

4. BluMortgage

A final but critically important solution for your mortgage business is CRM software. As their name suggests, customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable the efficient oversight of relationships with prospects and existing customers. For brokers, these indispensable solutions promote continuous sales growth through features designed to turn leads into customers, while also supporting ongoing customer retention. 

BluMortgage is the CRM for Canadian mortgage brokers which offers easy-to-use features to track customers through the pipeline and automate communications to promote ongoing engagement. Its industry-proven solutions include email templates for lawyers, realtors, and clients, as well as simplified data centralization. The system also integrates seamlessly with web and email applications, along with LOS platforms such as Finmo and Floify.  It also replaces Calendly and Survey Monkey. Plus, it ensures mortgage companies truly own their client data to support the security of sensitive, personally identifiable information.

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