Zoho vs Salesforce: Which CRM Is Right for Your Business?

Zoho is an online office suite with databases, customer relationship management, word processing, and other applications to help manage your business. It’s leveraged across teams of all different industries and departments, offering cross-functional collaboration and simplified solutions to power an entire organization.

Zoho’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, in particular, is one of its most powerful and best-liked applications. If you’re seeking the right CRM solution for your business, you may be deciding between Zoho and Salesforce, another popular vendor. Discover what sets Zoho CRM apart and how it can help your company excel below.

Zoho vs. Salesforce: A Closer Look

Both Zoho CRM and Salesforce are available in a number of packages to meet each business’s unique needs. These include:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

Each tier offers added features, so the price per user naturally increases as the levels go higher. Yet, while there are many similarities between Zoho CRM and Salesforce, the systems also have important differences. Here are some of the key features Zoho offers users. 

Integration with Other Zoho Apps

Zoho has an extensive range of apps to support each of your organization’s key functions. In addition to their powerful CRM, their suite includes apps for:

  • Forms, campaigns, and bookings to power your sales and marketing teams. 
  • Email and collaboration, with features such as online file management.
  • Finance departments, including solutions to support inventory management and invoicing.
  • IT and help desk, including assist and service desk functions.
  • Human resources, such as recruiting tools to help automate processes.

The beauty of Zoho CRM is that it integrates seamlessly with these and all other Zoho apps. As a result, your teams will save time that would otherwise be spent on duplicate data entry. Plus, the Zoho interface will become familiar and easy to use across all departments. Without the need for tricky integrations, your IT team can also save time and effort and focus their attention on more strategic initiatives.

Even if you choose not to integrate with other Zoho apps, Zoho CRM still offers better integration options than Salesforce. All tiers can be integrated with Google apps, Office 365, and Slack, for instance. 

Continual Updates

Zoho is committed to staying at the forefront of new technology. Their platform is continuously being updated, providing you with a future-proof system that incorporates cutting-edge capabilities like artificial intelligence into its lead and deal prediction and sentiment analysis capabilities—features that other vendors, like Salesforce, have been slower to adopt.  

User Empowerment 

With seamless integration with other Zoho apps, your teams become empowered to collaborate on projects. The ease of module and field setup and intuitive workflow editor make the user experience simple and seamless. Plus, Zoho CRM automates tedious processes like data entry and customer follow-ups, enabling teams to focus on other priorities that support company growth. 

Analytic Dashboards

Compelling visual dashboards give users quick, simplified insights into the CRM analytics that matter most. Custom reports and customizable dashboards are available with each tier of Zoho CRM, while these options are only available at higher price points with Salesforce. Moreover, creating analytics and dashboards is a breeze – while these features are easy to pick up with Zoho, specific training is often required for Salesforce. 

Email Integrations 

Zoho Mail is one of the suite’s most powerful features. When coupled with Zoho CRM, it allows for marketing automation and workflow management, offering features like alerts and templates. At the professional, enterprise, and ultimate levels, email integration is included with Zoho CRM, though it must be purchased as an add-on through Salesforce. Zoho CRM integrates with Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo Mail, and other popular email services.

If you’re considering Zoho CRM for your business, allow our experts to help you determine which package will best suit your organization’s needs. As one of Canada’s top Zoho consultants, BluRoot has nearly a decade of experience and will help your company find the solution that’s right for you.

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