Zoho vs. Microsoft Dynamics: A Comparison of Popular CRM Solutions

If you’re seeking a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, you may be comparing a number of different platforms to see how they can empower your sales and marketing teams. Pipeline solutions such as those available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM are popular among many organizations, but no other option can compare to the flexibility offered by Zoho CRM. 

Zoho’s all-inclusive solutions serve every business vertical and provide seamless integration with other apps (especially the 40-plus options within the extensive Zoho suite). Their premium features don’t come with premium prices, and with solutions like automation and artificial intelligence (AI), they’re empowering the workforce to become more dynamic than ever. See what sets Zoho CRM apart from Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM solutions below. 

Comparing Zoho vs. Microsoft Dynamics

Consistent Updates 

Zoho is continuously striving to improve their platform through routine updates. From advanced security features that scale to meet the evolving threats of increasingly sophisticated hackers to improved extensibility for seamless integrations with more than 300 popular business apps, Zoho CRM consistently adapts to the changing needs of organizations across the globe.


Every organization has its own unique approach to sales and marketing. For this reason, Zoho CRM is replete with customization options that allow you to add the features you really need. You can leverage functions to pull information across several applications, including ERPs, into Zoho CRM to eliminate complexity and redundancy. Or, create your own extension with their easy-to-use Developer Console. No matter your organization’s specific needs, Zoho offers solutions that can be tailored to fit them. 

Comprehensive Dashboards

Zoho CRM offers both standard and customizable dashboards with analytics that provide both quick, at-a-glance updates as well as detailed reporting features. It can schedule reports, and with the Enterprise edition, you can enjoy access to an unlimited number of custom reports. Zoho CRM even leverages Zia, its AI tool, to detect anomalies, helping you identify outliers and stay on track with your marketing and sales progress. Best of all, these dashboards and analytics are easy to create without the need for any specialized training.

Support Beyond Marketing

Marketing and sales are critical for revenue generation, but they’re not the only important functions in an organization. Whereas other solutions fall short and focus exclusively on pipeline management, Zoho offers an entire suite of platforms and apps to support the broadest possible range of business needs. This means your finance, HR, and even the IT department can rely on Zoho solutions. You can therefore, streamline your solutions with one cohesive system for organization-wide visibility and collaboration.

Flexible, Upfront Pricing

Pricing isn’t the most important factor to consider when it comes to finding the right CRM. After all, finding the features that fit your organization’s needs should come first. Yet, Zoho CRM offers that without the exorbitant monthly fees. Their platform offers flexible, month-to-month subscriptions starting at just $12 per user per month for the standard tier. It’s therefore, the economical solution for businesses seeking an affordable yet feature-rich system. 


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