Why Should You Consider Zoho vs HubSpot?

Zoho and HubSpot are two popular marketing tools that offer customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to help companies grow their business. While both excel in the marketing function, what sets Zoho apart is its ability to support other key business aspects as well. Although HubSpot is commonly sought after for its inbound marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities, its capabilities end there. 

Zoho’s suite, on the other hand, supports operations that extend far beyond marketing. With more than 40 integrated business apps for both web and mobile, the Zoho ecosystem truly empowers the entire organization. Discover a few more reasons why Zoho CRM outperforms HubSpot and other systems below. 

Zoho vs. HubSpot: A Quick Comparison

Seamless Integrations 

Zoho CRM integrates smoothly with all other Zoho apps. While its powerful marketing tools such as forms and campaigns simplify work for your sales and marketing associates, Zoho also offers solutions for finance, IT, HR, and more. With these seamless integrations, your teams can pull information across apps to eliminate redundant data entry and enjoy cross-functional collaboration. Zoho CRM even integrates with the most popular email services, including Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo Mail, and more.

Continual Updates

Zoho CRM is built for growth and was developed with an eye for the future. It’s updated consistently and incorporates industry-leading technology to separate forward-thinking organizations from the laggards, such as an in-house Artificial Intelligence tool, Zia. This powerful solution allows you to sell smarter and faster and is just one of the many ways Zoho is constantly being improved to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.

User Empowerment & Customization 

Every organization, process, and sale is unique, which is why Zoho CRM has customization options to empower each team. The system can be tailored to your specific workflows with modules, buttons, and related lists. You can also embed third-party widgets into your account, create your own integrations from scratch, and develop apps for any process without the need for IT intervention. Zoho features an intuitive workflow editor and simplified module and field setup for a simplified user experience. 

Compelling Analytic Dashboards 

With powerful analytics delivered in captivating dashboards, sales reps can get quick, up-to-the-moment insights into every stage of the sales cycle, including lead generation and capture, conversion, retention, and loyalty. This allows them to quickly pinpoint any areas that need further attention, even if they’re on the go—Zoho CRM can easily be accessed via mobile devices. Analytics and dashboards are also easy to set up and create without the need for any specific training.


The price of software is far from its most important feature. Yet, it’s still something to consider, especially in smaller or midsized organizations with more stringent budget requirements. While both Zoho CRM and HubSpot offer free versions, they also have higher tiers that deliver enhanced features. Here’s how their price differences compare.

  • Zoho CRM Standard is $12 per user each month when billed annually, or $18 month-to-month. HubSpot Starter is $50/month, with reports and API costing an additional $200 and $500 a month, respectively. 
  • Zoho CRM Enterprise is $35 per user per month when billed annually, or $45 month-to-month. HubSpot professional is $400 for up to five users, with the add-ons for reports and API costing an additional $200 and $500 a month, respectively.

Clearly, Zoho CRM is a more economical approach for budget-savvy organizations.

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