Takeaways from Zoholics Canada 2022

This year’s Zoholics Canada 2022 event was a huge success for Zoho. It’s the official conference for Zoho, and it’s where they announce new features and give updates on existing ones. Zoho is making some huge changes to the way their apps are structured! And we’re here to break it all down for you.

Here Are Some Key Takeaways from the Conference

Zoho’s going “Deep” instead of “Wide” for their products

In previous Zoholics, the announcements have been focused on new products/apps being released. Instead, this year, they actually focused on long-awaited features on many of their existing products.

We believe this is a much-needed change of pace. Zoho seems to be thinking in terms of making their current applications more deep and complete, rather than just building more surface-level ones that don’t offer a holistic experience.

Part of the “deep” mindset is better integrations across apps

As part of the improvement of existing apps, Zoho is making the user experience across multiple applications more seamless and better connected. They want to offer users an integrated experience that combines everything into one seamless experience vs suites of different tools across Zoho One.

Along this line of thinking, Zoho announced a new desktop application called Zoho Trident. There are currently in the BETA testing phase of this product, and when released it’ll be a big upgrade to their Zoho Mail desktop app + better integrations with Desk, Notes and CRM.

In-Person Conferences Aren’t Going Away

This is the first time in almost 3 years that there was an in person Zoholics event in North America, and it was clear from the excitement of attendees that they were ready for more. And now, after all this time, there are rumors that Zoho will invest heavily in it with the potential of multiple Zoholics events across North America in the next year.

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