Zoholics 2020 – What to Look Forward to This Year

Each spring, Zoho users from across the globe gather at the annual Zoholics conference to learn more about the company’s powerful suite of products that help businesses grow. This year’s user conference will be held at the Palmer Events Center in Austin from April 28th through 30th, and it’s set to be the biggest event yet.

With a projected customer turnout of 6,000, the event’s size is anticipated to double compared to last year’s attendance of 3,000 users. And, with that increased turnout will come more opportunities to engage with fellow users, discover top tricks and tricks, and attend sessions outlining powerful strategies designed to accelerate your business.

This year’s event will unveil new apps, in addition to showcasing the existing set of 40-plus Zoho apps suited to the unique needs of various businesses. Zoholics provides the exclusive opportunity for attendees to see apps in action, hear directly from the developers behind the software, and discover best practices from the experts who know how to use these tools most effectively. The event welcomes professionals from companies of all sizes and industries who have already transformed their business with Zoho, or who may be simply interested in learning what Zoho could do for them.

As with each Zoholics conference, this year’s agenda will feature a mix of sessions tailored to multiple business units, including sales, HR, finance, and marketing. Zoho users of every level will find value from the rich blend of presentations, from sessions like Tuesday’s “CRM Basics” to Thursday’s “Advanced Inventory Management for Growing Businesses.” Attendees will also gain insights into the promising future Zoho’s artificial intelligence capabilities hold for the business landscape, with solutions like Zoho One spotlighted in the Thursday afternoon session, “AI at Work.”

By attending the conference, you can expect to discover new strategies for seamlessly managing your enterprise data, improving workflows, engaging prospects and existing customers, automating processes, driving conversion rates, and leveraging key marketing tools to grow your business. You’ll hear directly from the CEO and co-founder of Zoho, Sridhar Vembu, as well as the company’s evangelists, president, and solutions architect, among others. Plus, with case studies, networking hours, and daily receptions, you’ll have exclusive opportunities to learn from those who are already leveraging all that Zoho has to offer.

Of course, if you’re newer to the world of Zoho, knowing where to start may seem a bit daunting. BluRoot is here to help. As one of Canada’s top Zoho consulting partners, we empower companies across North America in various industries to maximize the value of their Zoho software. We integrate business data to eliminate redundant and complex processes, ensure user adoption through premium training and onboarding, and implement Zoho’s suite of products to automate workflows and accelerate sales operations to support continuous growth.

Whether you’ll be attending Zoholics and would like to meet up with us there or you can’t make this year’s conference but would still like to learn about using Zoho for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our Zoho experts for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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