Top 5 CRMs for Insurance Agents

In our increasingly digital world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more important than ever. The insurance industry is no different. We’re beginning to see the emergence of a new breed of CRM systems that were designed with insurance agents in mind. To help determine which ones are worth your time and investment, we’ve compiled five of the top CRMs for insurance agents on the market.

#5 Radiusbob

Radiusbob is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It’s an all-in-one CRM that will help you manage your business and stay organized.

With Radiusbob, you can create custom fields to capture important information and streamline processes. You can also set up automatic emails, phone calls, text messages, or social media posts based on a contact’s actions on the platform.

#4 AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc is a CRM that is specifically designed for insurance sales agents, and it has a focus on life and health insurance, but it can also be used to manage other types of policies. As its name implies, the platform primarily focuses on marketing and lead generation with reports that show how much money you’ve made from each source. The CRM also includes an analytics section where you can track your business’s growth over time.

The platform includes a commission tracker where you can see how much money each client pays you for their policies as well as any bonuses or incentives you receive from selling those products.

#3 Your BMS’ CRM

Your BMS’ CRM is integrated with many of the product modules that they offer. As a result, it’s an effective way to manage customer relationships and data transfer because of its tight integration with existing systems.

It also allows you to streamline data management across multiple products in one place (like claims and policy issuance), which saves time when entering information into the system and helps ensure accuracy across all channels.

However, as an “add-on” feature rather than a core focus for your agency’s operations, this solution falls short on some key CRM features.

#2 Insureio

Insureio is probably one of the most well-known CRMs for insurance agents. It’s different from other CRMs in that it’s designed to help you connect with clients and manage leads, rather than just store data.

Insureio is an all-in-one solution that offers lead generation, management and automation capabilities. The platform allows agents to capture leads through email forms or a call center phone number provided by Insureio. Agents can then assign these leads to one of their team members based on where they live or their area of expertise. They also have access to updates on each client so they can see what has changed since the last time they spoke with them (e.g., a new policy was purchased).

As far as integrations go, Insureio connects with 40 carriers at this time but these tend to be US-based insurance companies rather than Canadian ones (the exception being Allstate Canada).

#1 Zoho for Insurance Brokers

Zoho for Insurance Agents is an all-in-one insurance software solution that allows you to automate your business from policy creation to claims processing. Zoho For Insurance Brokers is the CRM for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that is still fully customizable to your business needs. With built-in industry best practices, it can help you streamline customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction while improving your ability to generate new leads.

It integrates with BMS and other lead sources, so you don’t have to invest in additional tools. And it’s built on the same cloud infrastructure as Zoho One, so you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.

Zoho One combines all the components of Zoho’s CRM software, ERP and collaboration tools into a single unified platform. This enables you to create a more efficient workflow and work smarter instead of harder. The Zoho for Insurance Agents platform offers:

Sales & Marketing Automation: Grow your book of business with automated marketing campaigns and nurture leads with email marketing and social media automation.

The software allows users to set up automated email campaigns based on different criteria such as prospect stage or topic interests which makes it easy for agents who are just starting with this type of work to get going quickly without feeling overwhelmed by having too much information at once!

Customer Relationship Management: Manage customer relationships from lead generation through renewal; create quotes, manage claims & payments; send personalized emails & SMSs via email marketing & SMS integration; access all your customer data on mobile devices.

Billing & Accounting: Enter purchase orders, track expenses & generate invoices; get insights into business performance using analytics reports; generate tax reports; integrate with QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting software using the Zoho Books app.


The advantages of having a CRM are clear: a central repository of client details, remote access and sharing, streamlining processes, saving time, increasing company profitability and decreasing risk. By taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by CRM systems, insurance agents can better meet the needs of their clients – both current and prospective.

It will make your job as an insurance agent more streamlined by unifying all your sales, marketing, prospecting and customer service activities in one place. You’ll know who’s who and what’s what when it comes to your customers so you will be able to concentrate on important aspects of your work like growing the revenue and making more sales.

Regardless of your needs, there are a number of CRM solutions available that can serve as the backbone of your insurance business. By investing in a system like Zoho for Insurance Agents, you can increase your productivity and gain a competitive edge over others who aren’t taking advantage of this fully-featured system. And it’s pretty affordable, especially given all that it offers, so if you’re looking to take things to the next level in the office, consider giving Zoho for Insurance Brokers a try today.

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