Why do you need a Zoho partner who knows your industry?

Zoho is a powerhouse of a business operating system. It’s powerful, flexible and affordable. You can get just about everything you need from it to run your company: email, project management, CRM, sales automation and so much more.

This might sound familiar: You’ve heard about the benefits of using a CRM system to keep track of your clients and leads. But when it comes down to implementing one for your business, there are two problems:

#1 An off-the-shelf solution isn’t well-suited for YOUR business.

#2 The only way to know if it’s right-for-you, is to commit to a full customization

However, did you know that there are partners who have expertise working with companies just like yours?! These partners can show you how Zoho can work for your business. They understand the industry’s workflow and can recommend tips and tricks that will improve productivity and efficiency, helping you boost your bottom line.

Why is this so important?   

Zoho CRM is a powerful tool and knowing exactly what you need from it will save you time and money, as there is time and energy that goes into explaining your use case to a customization partner. It’s even more frustrating when they try to sell you a product that isn’t quite what you need (or at least not yet).

In order to save on these (sometimes prohibitive) costs, you need to work with a Zoho partner who knows your industry. After all, it’s no fun to go it alone. In fact, as we’ll prove below with our 2 industry-specific success stories, working together allows us to create more value for everyone — and avoid a non-stop back-and-forth just to get started.

BluMortgage: an industry-specific CRM built for Mortgage Brokers   

Mortgage brokering is a very specific, yet competitive market. A broker needs a CRM that understands their specific needs and challenges, as they constantly look for ways to save time and money while ensuring their clients get the best service possible.

Because of this, BluRoot has built an industry-specific product designed specifically for mortgage brokers: BluMortgage! The result? Savings on time and money (and lots of it!) for thousands of brokers nationwide. The features are top-notch—including integrations with systems like Filogix, Velocity, and Finmo—but users don’t even have to pay extra! How’s that for value?

We have worked with hundreds of mortgage teams across Canada including 3 of the top 5 through our product, like Butler Mortgage. Our solution helped them to increase Client Retention by 67%.

Butler Mortgage Case Study

Because we understand the needs of mortgage brokers, we make it easy for them to turn their customer data into actionable intelligence and make better decisions about how to grow their business.

Zoho Insurance: an industry-specific CRM built for Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are another great example of how Zoho’s industry-specific solution can help you.

Bluroot has worked with top insurance teams, like Oracle RMS, with their Zoho One customization. Our work with them is a great example of how we help insurance brokers get 1000s more clients with half the effort.

Oracle RMS Case Study

With our experience, we’ve developed pre-built field setup, workflows, and industry integrations (Lowest Rates, Powerbroker, and many more) helping insurance brokers—because we know how important it is that the software you choose works seamlessly with the way you do business.

Also, because Zoho One offers many different tools under a single solution, integration takes just hours instead of weeks! So if you need something for Sales, Finance and Marketing (like many insurance brokers), then Zoho has you covered. Just take a look at some of our top clients who use Zoho Cliq for internal communications, Zoho Campaigns for marketing, Zoho People for HR, and much more!

We help identify “blind spots” for new insurance brokers trying Zoho based on our experience with countless other Canadian insurance brokers. This will give you confidence about investing resources into implementing Zoho without having to wait longer than necessary before seeing results. 

How to choose the best partner? 

The internet is full of “must-read” lists for finding the right Zoho partner, all listing off common sense criteria like “experience” and “customer service,” but there’s one often overlooked, yet critical, aspect to consider when choosing your Zoho partner: how well do they know your industry?

If you’re struggling to make Zoho work for your business, you need a reliable partner. Don’t settle for second best. Do your research and choose the best solution to keep your business growing. 

As Zoho Premium Partners in Canada, here at BluRoot, we’re committed to providing our customers with a CRM that meets their needs. As an industry leader, our 9+ years of experience in the field have given us the insights and knowledge to understand our customer’s desires and provide them with the best service possible.

The value-add of a Zoho Partner for your business needs cannot be overstated.  The future is here with the possibilities to save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. Don’t be afraid to recognize these benefits for your company, contact us today!

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